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From the pure, unadorned flavors of Bao Zhong Royale and Honyama Sencha to the classic flavors of Earl Grey Shanghai to our signatures (Nirvana, Choco Latte and Brioche), this collection contains our most classic teas and infusions. Each tea is elegantly packaged in small tin boxes and each Bento Collection comes with a pyramid strainer for easy infusing. The Classic Tea Collection is a wonderful gift for any tea lover and an indulgent way to introduce yourself to our classic offerings. 

Brioche Tea
Brioche's astoundingly decadent aroma and flavor make it one of our best sellers. Even the dry leaves perfectly capture the spicy-sweet aroma of a Parisian patisserie with intoxicating, beguiling, tempting aromas of nuts, spices and an unrivaled baked sweet note.
Honyama Sencha Green Tea
This mountain-grown Japanese green tea is a fantastic interplay of subtle flavors and aromas that's sure to delight any foodie. The forest-green leaves give off ripe scents of mango, orchid and magnolia. The electric chartreuse brew has a bouquet with depth and complexity. The pairing capabilities are endless, and are one of the many factors that place Honyama Sencha amongst our best sellers.
Choco Latte Tea
This sumptuous, caffeine-free, fat-free blend of organic cacao husks, organic vanilla beans and organic rooibos is an instant American Tea Room classic. If the color and aroma of our Choco Latte blend doesn't evoke chocolate, then nothing does. 
Nirvana Green Tea
A heavenly blend of Japanese sencha, peony petals, berries, and figs. This green tea is light in caffeine. Nirvana is the perfect tea for inner reflection.
Earl Grey Shanghai Black Tea
Our organic Earl Grey Shanghai uses a Yunnan black tea base for a traditional yet intoxicatingly smooth flavor. Large, well-oxidized leaves and silver tips hold a full, classic bergamot aroma.
Sleeping Beauty
Sweet dreams are made from this wonderful organic blend of valerian root, mint, chamomile blossoms, forest berries, rose petals and fennel. Valerian root and chamomile are the perfect combination for restful sleep and when blended with fennel and mint make an intoxicating brew.
Bao Zhong Royale
Thanks to its incredibly sweet, floral taste, Bao Zhong Royale is an artisanal oolong with mass appeal. At around ten percent oxidation, Bao Zhong Royale is a lightly oxidized oolong, but don't let that turn you away from it. Unlike lesser light-oxidation oolongs, our Bao Zhong Royale lacks the brazen vegetal notes that detract from the floral complexity Bao Zhong has to offer.
Notting Hill English Breakfast Black Tea
Notting Hill is our classic English Breakfast black tea blend of espresso-colored leaves and silver, gold and caramel buds from Assam and Yunnan. The leaves and the deep copper-garnet brew have bold scents of malt, tannins and wood.
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