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For the green tea lovers out there, or those just getting into tea, our Green Tea Bento Box is the perfect starting point. Some of our most popular pure and blended green teas are a true delight to experience the range and depth of green teas the world over. Each tea is elegantly packaged in small tin boxes and each Bento Collection comes with a pyramid strainer for easy infusing. 

Extreme Vanilla Organic Green Tea
Extreme Vanilla is a full, rich balance of steamed Japanese bancha and three types of hand-cut vanilla beans from Madagascar, Tahiti and Indonesia. Extreme notes of caramel richness, vanilla bean, vanilla-infused cream and dulce de leche are set off by bancha's mellower flavors of roasted chestnut, almond and vegetal sweetness.

Honyama Sencha Green Tea
This mountain-grown Japanese green tea is a fantastic interplay of subtle flavors and aromas that's sure to delight any foodie. The forest-green leaves give off ripe scents of mango, orchid and magnolia. The electric chartreuse brew has a bouquet with depth and complexity. The pairing capabilities are endless, and are one of the many factors that place Honyama Sencha amongst our best sellers.
Marrakesh Moroccan Green Tea
Marrakesh is our own Moroccan mint green tea, based on a tradition dating back to the days of the Silk Road. It is a blend of spearmint leaves and tightly rolled pellets of Chinese green tea (called "Gunpowder Green" for their gunpowder-like appearance).
Immortal Green Tea
In Taoism, peaches are considered to be an "elixir of life," and there are stories of a peach tree that granted immortality to all who consumed its fruit. In modern science, Japanese green tea has been associated with longevity and wellbeing. With Immortal Green, we have combined these two elixirs in one enchanting brew. 
Genmaimatcha Green Tea
Whereas Genmaicha is a low-caffeine alternative to other Japanese greens, Genmaimatcha cranks up the caffeine (and the antioxidants and flavor) with the addition of one of our favorite teas: Matcha. The jade-green, matcha-covered leaves in Genmaimatcha have a sweet, grainy aroma with an intense green freshness.
Kaanapali Ginger Green Tea
A delightful organic blend of ginger, Japanese green tea, pineapple and licorice root will transport you to a beach in Maui.
Nirvana Green Tea
A heavenly blend of Japanese sencha, peony petals, berries, and figs. This green tea is light in caffeine. Nirvana is the perfect tea for inner reflection.
Grand Jasmine Green Tea
Grand Jasmine is an elegant jasmine-scented organic green tea comprised of waif-like leaves in colors ranging from green-black to dark French grey to shimmering silver. Dry, it has an incredibly smooth jasmine-honeydew aroma with undertones of cocoa and orange zest.
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