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The Origin Collection Bento set from American Tea Room features eight distinct pure teas from eight distinct tea growing regions. Each single estate loose leaf tea is an exquisite example of how climate, processing and geography are used to cultivate and create a wide variety of tea flavors. From the lightest of whites to the subtle variations of Japanese and Chinese green teas to the more robust Indian and Sri Lankan black teas, experience the wide ranging variety of some of the finest teas available. Sure to delight even the most discerning of tea cognoscenti.

Long Jing Green Tea
Long Jing is also known as "Dragonwell," "Dragon's Well" or "Lung Ching." No matter what you call it, just know that this batch is one of the grand cru teas of China and a phenomenal introduction to premium green tea.
Bao Zhong Royale Oolong Tea
Thanks to its incredibly sweet, floral taste, Bao Zhong Royale is an artisanal oolong with mass appeal. At around ten percent oxidation, Bao Zhong Royale is a lightly oxidized oolong, but don't let that turn you away from it ? unlike lesser light-oxidation oolongs, our Bao Zhong Royale lacks the brazen vegetal notes that detract from the floral complexity Bao Zhong has to offer.
Silver Needles White Tea
Our organic White-Tipped Silver Needles (also known as "Bai Hao Yin Zhen") is the pinnacle of white tea, and one of our most popular teas. It is comprised entirely of needle-shaped green buds that are topped with tufts of silver down. The production of these delicate buds requires the utmost care, attention and skill, and the rewards of this labor are evident in the singular aroma and flavor they offer.
Honyama Sencha Green Tea
This mountain-grown Japanese green tea is a fantastic interplay of subtle flavors and aromas that's sure to delight any foodie. The forest-green leaves give off ripe scents of mango, orchid and magnolia. The electric chartreuse brew has a bouquet with depth and complexity. The pairing capabilities are endless, and are one of the many factors that place Honyama Sencha amongst our best sellers.
Ceylon Single Estate Black Tea
This high-altitude Ceylon black tea is a classic example of Sri Lankan terroir. Its long, wiry, blue-charcoal leaves carry garnet stripes and a bright aroma much like lemon zest and honey.
Pu Er Imperial Tea
Our organic, Shu Pu Er Imperial is characterized by an abundance of cocoa-colored buds. Both in the leaf and the Chianti-colored brew, it has a rich, earthy aroma. The first infusion is boldly earthy, with woody notes, a hint of Indonesian coffee and a subtle acidity.
Golden Himalayan Tips Tea
This extraordinary organic black tea is harvested in the beautiful high elevation tea gardens of Hile, Nepal in the shadows of Mt Everest. Hand plucked and hand rolled this lustrous tea is one the finest black teas found anywhere.
Maharajah Single Estate Assam Black Tea
This standout single-estate Assam has an abundance of coppery-golden buds and large, well-oxidized leaves with aromas of tobacco, cinnamon, clove, malt and flowers. Although this tea is fantastic on its own, it can also handle a few drops of milk or a sprinkling of sugar.



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