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Earl Grey Shanghai Organic Black Tea

Earl Grey Shanghai Organic Black Tea

Earl Grey Shanghai Organic Black Tea
Our organic Earl Grey Shanghai uses a Chinese Yunnan black tea base for a traditional yet intoxicatingly smooth flavor. Large, well-oxidized leaves and silver tips hold a full, classic bergamot aroma. The garnet brew goes beyond basic bergamot in its aroma to include undertones of tobacco and cocoa. The flavor is smooth, pure and classic, making Earl Grey Shanghai a perfect candidate for those who enjoy a touch of sugar or drop of honey in their tea. A subtle undertone of chocolate fades into a mellow, fruity aftertaste in this decadently satiny blend. One taste will tell you why Earl Grey Shanghai is our absolute best selling tea.
Earl Grey Sencha Green Tea

Earl Grey Sencha Green Tea

Earl Grey Sencha Green Tea
Pyramid Tea Strainer

Pyramid Tea Strainer

Pyramid Tea Strainer

This "tea ball" style infuser comes in a most unusual shape. Its base unfolds to accept tea. Its chain extends from its pointed peak and terminates with a hook (used to keep it from falling into cups and pots). Its size makes it ideal for tea cups or small mugs.

American Tea Room sources teas and tea ware from around the world to craft a distinctly American tea experience. This results in an artful blend of flavors and styles that reflect the American cultural and culinary fusion. We’ve been a staple of gift and food culture since 2003. We’ve won awards for our store design and products, and received accolades from just a few of these brands:
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