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Kabuki -- The Perfect Tea for Spring Posted on 01 May 12:23

At American Tea Room we have our signature teas; these are perpetual and year round favorites. But there are four seasons in a year, and the growing and processing of tea is also perpetual. Spring happens to be our most popular season for tea, and we have an exceptional, and truly Spring-esque tea to celebrate. It is Kabuki, a premier selection of rare Japanese green tea blended with the freshly plucked spring cherry blossoms of Japan, and it is a treat.

It’s delicacy starts with the tea base, a kabuse green tea. This means that the tea plants were covered with dark cloths for a few weeks out of their growing cycle, in order to cut off direct sunlight and increase the production of chlorophyll. Its result is intensely smooth and umami-rich. Then the delicate sakura blossoms sweeten the brew with their nectar, lifting the palate up with notes of cherry, rose, vanilla, and the brightness of spring. The aroma is bright and delicately sweet, but mellows out after an initial taste of your cup. The flavor is pure Spring, like flower nectar, with the singular flavor of fruity and floral cherry. Steep a second time for less cherry sweetness and a more grassy, steamed butter lettuce note.

It’s truly a tea to remind us that there’s electricity in the air! The temperature is rising and the flowers are blooming, and what better way to enjoy this metamorphosis than with a fresh harvest of spring tea? But hurry! We had a waiting list for this tea well before it arrived, in fact, it started the day we sold out last year. We have a very limited quantity, so be quick, like the spring showers, and grab yourself a taste.

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