Pre-QingMing Long Jing Green Tea Has Arrived Posted on 25 Apr 12:27

Pre-QingMing LongJing Green Tea

Tea Estate: Ding Fong Tea Estate, 
Elevation: 500 ~ 700 ft
Location/Province: West Lake, Hang Zhou City, Zhe-Jiang Province
Cultivar: Dragon Well 43
Production Date: 3.30 - 3.31

Long Jing tea (AKA Dragon Well) is a famous variety of Chinese green tea from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. This tribute tea, or Gong Cha, was recently plucked by hand on March 30 and 31 2017 and is renowned for its high quality. The prestige of the Pre-QingMing Long Jing made it a suitable gift for the revered emperor and aristocrats of China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and continues to be sought after to this day. This rare treat from this noble tea garden is now available exclusively at American Tea Room.  

Pre-QingMing Long Jing is named for its early picking prior to the QingMing festival (Ancestors’ Day) which is the first day of the fifth solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar. Each tender tea leaf is a complete tea bud and one or two leaves which is the most prized part for any tea lover.  After the plucking, each leaf is pan-fried to stop the oxidation process and flattened. Once steeped there is an aroma of firewood and toasted nuts. When the hot tea hits your lips the flavors of roasted chestnuts, almonds and cashews are complemented by a velvety-like mouthtfeel without any astringency. The aftertaste is nutty with hints of sweet vanilla and spices. We have a very limited quantity of this spectacular tea.  Enjoy this at home, work or as the perfect gift for the discerning tea lover before it vanishes like the spring before it.

The West Lake area of Hangzhou, where Pre-QingMing Long Jing is grown, faces the city in the east and is encircled by beautiful lush mountains. The surrounding mountains are called Mt. Wulin after the areas ancient name of Wulin. During the Song Dynasty, Zen Master BianCai planted a Camilla sinensis plant in Mt ShiFeng that grew into what we now call LongJing green tea. He often held legendary tea parties with famous poets such as Su DongPo and Qin Guan where they enjoyed Master BianCai's tea and chanted poetry together. From those tea poetry parties LongJing was introduced into written language. With such a vibrant history this extremely fresh and rare tea is finally available here. For a limited time, you can savor and enjoy the flavors of this prized tea with friends and poetry or with just your thoughts.