Arya Diamond 2016 First Flush Darjeeling Tea Posted on 02 May 19:24

Year after year, the Arya Estate continues to produce an exceptionally flavored and extremely rare first flush semi-oxidized tea: Arya Diamond. We are very thankful to be able to carry this unique tea and others from this estate. The tea planation is located in the beautiful and highly elevated hilly region of Darjeeling, India overlooking the powdery white Himalayan mountains. These conditions are ideal for tea production.

Darjeeling tea is very meticulously harvested. 20,000 individually hand plucked leaves only produce about 100 grams of finished tea. Each year, American Tea Room is able to acquire the First Flush tea with the highest grade of SFGFOP1 (Super, Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe First Flush). 

A Darjeeling First Flush is a relatively rare plucking - but none so much as this year.  A severe hailstorm during the recent First Flush plucking in Darjeeling destroyed over 80% of the 2016 tea crop harvest. Luckily some of our harvest was plucked prior to the hailstorm and was on its way to us. However, our allotment was reduced by almost 70% and we have a severely limited quantity available for you to enjoy. Savor the bold, rich, fresh and unique flavor of this year’s Arya Diamond First Flush Darjeeling Tea.