Daily #TeaShot: Iced Chai Tea Latte Recipe! Posted on 14 Aug 15:52

Iced Masala Chai Tea Latte! It's easy to make and is a creamy, spicy, delicious treat for the summer. Here's how:

To Make 16 oz:

14 oz Water (1-2 oz will absorb into the tea)
6 tsp. Masala Chai Tea
1-2 tsp. Sugar (or favorite sweetener)
4 oz. Milk

Steep your Chai tea in the water according to the proper directions (200 degrees, 5 minutes). Strain out your tea and stir in your sugar until it's fully dissolved. Pour over a 1/4 cup of ice to chill. For a more intense Iced Chai, chill the tea in fridge for a couple hours, until cold. Fill a glass with ice, then add your tea and milk. Cheers!