4 Ways to Add Tea to Your Life in 2017 Posted on 03 Jan 14:30

1. Start your day on the right foot with a cup of tea. A bowl of matcha will give you a boost of energy to wake up and conquer the day ahead.  



2. Tea sachets (or Tea Bags) are great when you’re on the go. Add a sachet to your bag or pack or briefcase for an easy to prepare drink.

3. Black tea and Yerba Mate are great for an afternoon pick me up. Unlike sodas and energy drinks, there are no artificial sugars or chemicals added to tea. Add a little honey or agave for extra sweetness and get an energy boost to finish off the day without jitters or a sugar crash.

 4. Unwind for the evening with caffeine free teas. Create the calm peaceful space needed to get the rejuvenating sleep that will allow you to wake up in the morning and start it all over again.