Indian Summer - The Beauty of Indian Teas Posted on 01 Aug 11:34

Indian Tea... the phrase conjures images of marigolds, mountains and spiraling rivers, elephants, street chai vendors, the smell of spices in the air. And Indian tea is no less exotic, delicious, or unique as this idea suggests. Though ubiquitous with tea culture, tea from India rose up later on the scene than you'd think, in only about 150 years becoming one of the most dominant forces in the world of tea. They've also become some of the most sought after teas, not only for the hearty blends of valley teas which most of Europe would be familiar with, but for the rare flavor and singular terroir of their high mountain teas.

Which is why, for the whole month of August, we will be featuring Indian teas, tea recipes, tea knowledge, and Indian tea culture. We're excited to share the experience of tea from Indian with you. Keep checking back for info, or subscribe to our email list for special promotions!