Cold Brew Our Tea Sachets! Posted on 06 Jul 13:00

With the introduction of our groundbreaking sachets, those who prefer the convenience of pre-packaged teas can now share in the experience of premium quality tea. Tea sachets are, after all, about convenience right? What could be more convenient than cold-brewing iced tea?

We think our Marrakesh Tea Sachets are perfect to cold brew this summer season. A toasty Gunpowder Green Tea is expertly blended with dried spearmint for a classic Moroccan Mint flavor.

Recipe is as follows:

In a large pitcher, add 2 quarts of filtered or spring water.

Add 5-8 Marrakesh Tea Sachets, depending on your desired strength.

Place in fridge overnight, or at least 8 hours.

Take out tea sachets, top with Ice, and serve!

Makes 8-10 cups. Add more water if too strong. Add fresh Mint, Lime, or Lemonade to spruce it up!