Our Brand New Tea Canisters Posted on 01 Jul 13:07

We all love our tea and keeping our tea fresh, preferably while displaying them in a beautiful manner. For years, we've been sourcing canisters and tea caddies from around the world to provide you with the most elegant solutions to keeping your tea stores properly. 

Enter our new Black Triangle Signature Canisters

After extensive planning and research, we've developed a brand new, patented way of shaping storage canisters into a triangular shape. This serves a few unique purposes. Firstly, the matte black color and sleek design make for a striking display on your counter. Secondly, the shapes allow you to combine and stack the canisters together in interesting shapes. And lastly, the corners of the triangular shape form a makeshift spout for those last little bits of tea at the bottom.

The lid is built to be form fitting and tight, with an inset lid neck, making sure air doesn't leak into the canister. A little gentle pressure is needed, but helps to keep your tea optimally fresh. 

You can now buy our Triangle Black Signature Canister individually, or as an addition with any tea.