Introducing Our Brand New Tea Sachets Posted on 10 Jun 16:57

For over a year now, we've been working on broadening our horizons when it comes to tea in bags. Originally, we sold loose tea exclusively but soon realized that for some people the convenience and transportability of a tea bag is essential. We figured if we were going to do tea bags, we were going to do them right. Fast forward to now:

We've introduced our new signature line of tea sachets. Ours stand out in a multitude of ways. Firstly, the sachet itself it a revolutionary new material that is made from natural plant starches woven in a lattice fabric to at once be durable, and allow for the maximum extraction of flavor from the tea. These sachets are biodegradable, compostable and use no artificial glues, resins, or nylon. Each sachet is individually wrapped for optimal freshness. 

Secondly, we use more tea per tea sachet than almost anyone. The sachet packs enough tea for an 8-12oz cup, or even more. You truly get a powerful cup when you steep one of our tea sachets.

Lastly, we use top quality tea is our sachets. The tea we package is the same tea you can buy loose from us. As with all of our loose teas, we've hand selected the teas to package into sachets. These range from newer, rarer teas like our brand new Pure Green and Pure White, to some of our bestsellers, like our Earl Grey Shanghai and Choco Latte.

With 12 available teas in sachets, we believe that you will not only be getting premium quality tea in a great array of flavors, but you'll be getting the best quality tea sachet available.