Our Newest Tea - "Sunlight Through Dew Drops" Posted on 15 May 17:25

Our newest tea has just arrived from Japan and is a fantastically fresh, top quality green tea. The Tsuyuhikari First Flush Shincha is our premier 2015 Spring flush Japanese tea. Plucked earlier than most Japanese teas, it is processed as a fukamushi, meaning it is steamed for longer than usual. It's long needle-like rolled leaves are interspersed with more broken, dusty leaves, due to the extra steaming. No need to worry, as Japanese teas are less about the shape of the leaves and more about the final brew flavor.  Grown a stone's throw away from the Pacific, the ocean fog helps to create richer amino acids in this tea, resulting a brothy brew.

Tsuyuhikari, loosely translated as "sunlight filtered through fresh dew", tastes just as it's name might suggest: vegetal but fresh and bright. The brew comes out rich and golden green, with fine particulate swirling around the pot, and has an aroma of fresh cut grass, bamboo leaves, and a hint of green melon. A taste is umami-rich and savory, with a hint of a caramelized sweetness. Dominate flavors of seaweed, steamed boy choy, and a hint of earthy nutmeg.