You've Tried the Pearl, Now Meet the Diamond Posted on 24 Apr 10:48

We've just received our First Flush from the Arya Tea Estate for 2015. The very first plucking of this tea this year, it's a remarkable premier tea from the Darjeeling region of India. Arya is renowned for their top-quality teas and their Diamond has consistently been a favorite of ours. This tea is only semi-oxidized to preserve and accentuate it's unique flavor, landing it somewhere between a green and black tea - but closer to green. The leaves are small and contain a high amount of bud-sets. The aroma is bold and reminiscent of parmesan-dusted popcorn, but with a signature pervasive scent of springtime. The brew's flavor has a bright note of steamed spinach and a zing of fresh nutmeg. Under that, lies a supporting note of dry pine needles, chestnut, and effervescent sweet milk. This tea evokes fresh blooms, while also being a tea that keeps the autumn weather in mind. While a syrupy mouthfeel satiates the palate, the lighter color of the brew may have you thinking this tea is lighter in caffeine, but that wouldn't be quite true. The freshness and richness of its downy buds make it a more invigorating tea that you might think. This, when tried with Arya's first flush white tea, the Pearl, confirms their status as one of the top producers in Darjeeling.