A Japanese Classic - Now Available Posted on 22 Apr 12:14

When in Japan, depending on the season, you may be offered a cup of tea with dinner that is earthy, smokey, and sweet. Those in America will be familiar with it only in more elegant Japanese restaurants, but Houjicha is a staple of Japanese fare. Our Houjicha Kogane is one of the best. Comprised almost entirely of the twig-like stems of the tea leaves, and then roasted in porcelain pots over charcoal, it's both incredibly low in caffeine and rich in flavor. The roasted, toastiness of this tasty brew gives it a filling quality while retaining its light character. With hints of vanilla, chestnuts, autumn leaves, and charred wood, Houjicha Kogane's golden liquor is actually quite refined. For an unusual treat, try icing it down.