Tea Facts - Oolong Shapes Posted on 27 Mar 19:14


Oolongs, or semi-oxidized teas, are growing in popularity in the west. Originally developed in China in the Wuyi Mountains, China and Taiwan are now the world’s best producers of oolongs. More specifically, oolong (or wulong, meaning ‘black dragon’) refers to a processing method that semi-oxidizes the tea. And traditionally, there are two main shapes of oolong, the Globe shape and the Stripe shape. Globe shape oolongs (like Ti Kwan Yin, or Dong Ding) tend to be lighter oxidized and are tightly packed, making them especially adept at re-steeping for multiple brews to enjoy a long developing flavor. Stripe shape oolongs (like Big Red Robe or Oriental Beauty) tend to be darker teas and are long and twisted, requiring more tea to be used in the brew, and a more immediate rich flavor.