A Gong Fu Tasting of Dong Ding Posted on 02 Mar 19:14

When trying a tea, such as a classic oolong or pu-er, the gong fu method of preparation is traditional. The method is exceedingly simple, and allows you to experience the full, and elongated, flavors of the tea leaf. Our Taiwanese oolong, Dong Ding, is the ideal tea to prepare in this way. It’s name refers to the ‘icy peak’ of Dong Ding Mountain (sometimes known as Tung Ting) in Taiwan’s Nantou region and is nutty, like toasted pecans, with a light charcoal roast and just a hint of an orchid floral aroma. Our current batch is very fresh, a Winter 2014 Harvest. 

Here, we use a mini Japanese stainless teapot and double walled tasting cups.

To prepare a tea using gong fu, simply use 2-3 times as much tea and steep only 30-60 seconds before decanting the liquid. Keep the tea leaves, and repeat as many times as necessary.