Tea Facts - Ancient Snow Sprout Posted on 27 Feb 19:14


Ancient Snow Sprout is one of those teas that we all would be lucky to drink the rest of our lives. A tea comprised entirely of large downy tea buds, it hails from the Jingmai Manjing, an ancient tea forest in Yunnan, China, considered the birthplace of tea, and is technically a green tea, due to the light baking they do to preserve the tea from oxidizing. These trees are much larger than your average tea plant, due to their complex varietal nature, and also because they are rarely pruned by the locals who pluck the tea. Indeed, they have to literally climb the tea trees to pluck the buds, as they’ve done for hundreds and even thousands of years. The biodiversity around the plants is also, one might say, wild. The complexity of the terroir is echoed in the tea itself which is nuanced and delicate and sweet. A rare tea, akin to the more legendary wines from Bordeaux.