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Santa’s Got A Bag of Peppermint Choco Latte Posted on 13 Nov 10:47

All I want for Christmas is…Peppermint Choco Latte Herbal Tea!  Our Choco Latte, a rich rooibos-based tea with cacao husks and vanilla, gets a splash of pure peppermint for a treat that's at once decadent and refreshing.  Every sip will have you basking in luscious hot chocolate before the chill of peppermint hits your tongue, invigorating your senses.  Completely caffeine-free, sugar-free, and guilt-free, our brand new Peppermint Choco Latte is everything you'd want in a calming tea and a wonderful holiday treat.  


Make someone feel special this season with the Peppermint Choco Latte Gift Set. Peppermint Choco Latte gets even better with the addition of sweet crunchie Lemon Blueberry Caramel Popcorn and an American Tea Room Infuser Mug. The rich chocolate and peppermint contrasts brilliantly with the sweet tangy flavor of the popcorn, enhancing and brightening each bite. This pairing was mint to be!  

Have Yourself a Merry Pink Christmas! Posted on 06 Nov 12:07

Our seasonal favorite, Pink Christmas Herbal Tea, is back just in time for the holidays.  One sip of this elusive yuletide tea will have you nostalgic for Christmas Eves past, filled with eager anticipation for the joyous gifts Santa Claus would bring. The cranberry, orange, and cinnamon notes transport you to a warm, cozy fireplace where the fire is merrily crackling, the mantle is adorned and stockings are hung.  The spicy warmth of Pink Christmas excites the spirit and makes you feel like you are home for Christmas even if you are not. 


Give someone the gift of Christmas with our Pink Christmas Gift Set.  This holiday treat includes sweet and spicy Pink Christmas Tea, crunchy Lemon Blueberry Caramel popcorn, and an American Tea Room Glass Infuser Mug.  Enjoyed together, the citrus and cinnamon flavors of Pink Christmas and the golden caramel flavors of our popcorn will make you feel like you’ve been ensconced in a warm, soft bed.        

We’re dreaming of a Pink Christmas!

Don't Miss Our Limited Edition Lux Tea Sampler Collection Posted on 30 Oct 10:19

Become a connoisseur of fine teas with our luxury sample collection!  Our Lux Tea Sampler Set features 5 rare and uniquely processed teas from China and India – the Arya Pearl, Milk Oolong, Silver Needles, En Shi Jade Dew & Golden Needle Yunnan.


Arya Pearl

White teas from Darjeeling are relatively rare in any given year. This year's Arya Pearl First Flush Organic White Darjeeling is the first to have arrived for sale in the U.S. and we think it's the best white tea of the region's limited crop for 2017. We are the only purveyor in the United States to offer this rare extraordinary first flush tea - but our allotment is very limited. Plucked by hand in March 2017, it received the highest rating: SFTGFOP1


Milk Oolong

This exquisite oolong is a high-elevation variation on Chinese Tie Guan Yin ("Iron Goddess of Mercy") that was hand-processed with six unique methods to create a one-of-a-kind flavor. It is made in small batches and is extremely limited. The beautiful leaves are blue-green, tightly rolled and lightly oxidized, but their appearance gives no indication of the flavors they generate. Despite the fact that the leaves contain no actual milk, their aroma is similar to the milky sweetness of Chinese milk candies (like White Rabbit).


Silver Needles

A spectacular hand crafted plucking available in very limited quantity. Our organic White-Tipped Silver Needle (also known as "Bai Hao Yin Zhen") is the pinnacle of white tea, as well as a personal favorite of nearly the entire American Tea Room staff, and one of our most popular teas. It is comprised entirely of needle-shaped green buds that are topped with tufts of silver down. The production of these delicate buds requires the utmost care, attention and skill, and the rewards of this labor are evident in the singular aroma and flavor they offer. The flavor is earthy yet transcendent, with sweet notes of ripe grapes, honeydew and flowers, and forest tones of fallen old-growth trees, loam and dry leaves.


En Shi Jade Dew

This very rare, extraordinary tea has a long history in Hubei, China and is thought to be a precursor to Japanese sencha teas, due to a light steaming and hand rolling on heated tables that the leaves undergo to keep them green. This Pre-Ming tea from the Xuan En region, is a descendant from the original "Jade Dew" and is sometimes called "Lu Zhen" or Green Needles, referring to the propensity of buds. First, observe the intense sweetness of the aroma. It's fresh and earthy, with a light chocolatey note. When brewed, it has a distinct winter melon note. The liquor is velvety and savory sweet, with a vegetal, creamy finish, like baked zucchini. Upon second a steeping, you notice a hint of tarragon. Truly a heritage tea for the tea connoisseur.


Golden Needle Yunnan

Our organic Golden Yunnan is an extraordinary tea produced in the famed tea-producing region of Yunnan, China, placing it high in the ranks of prized teas worldwide. It's well-oxidized, espresso-dark leaves are flecked with shimmering golden-blond buds and imbued with a sweet, earthy aroma. Its liquor is a rich, dark brown with copper-rust undertones and a sweet, delicate aroma. The flavor is incredibly smooth, with rounded flavors of Tupelo honey and cured tobacco. Sip and savor Golden Yunnan's full-bodied richness. Enjoy with milk for a richer, earthier Chinese milk tea, or pair with dim sum, smoke-cured fish, and ginger candies.


Give these teas a try to discover what sets them above the rest! 

Our Scary Tereré Has Crept Onto Let Me Eat Cake's List of Halloween Treats Posted on 24 Oct 15:40

Double, Double Toil and Trouble Fire Burn and Tereré Bubble Posted on 23 Oct 14:43


We are dying for you to try the spine-chilling Scary Tereré.  Resurrected from its dark, dank grave, this ghastly draught will be haunting our stores for a limited time.  Brewed by the most ghoulish of witches, the Scary Tereré is a potion made of charcoal, matcha, Bliss green tea, lime, orange juice and, of course, eye of newt.  Beware this sinister concoction from October 23rd to All Hallows Eve on October 31st because it's coming for you!


Drink if you dare!

Our Scary Tereré is on TimeOut LA's List of Halloween Specials Posted on 19 Oct 13:00

We Love You So Very Matcha! Posted on 19 Oct 10:27

We got a whole latte love for matcha!  We love matcha lattes so much that we can drink them morning, noon, or night!  Luckily, the Iced Matcha Kit makes shaking up a matcha latte a piece of cake.  To make the perfect iced latte, all you need to do is combine 3 teaspoons of Sweet Matcha Mix with 10 oz of any milk of your choice in the cocktail shaker and then shake with ice.  It is an easy and delicious way to add matcha to your everyday diet.  Rich in antioxidants and full of caffeine, matcha is a great and jitters-free way to boost your energy.    

P.S. These Iced Matcha Kits make FANTASTIC gifts!


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