Tea Select
Tea SelectIf you’re a new customer of American Tea Room, Tea Select is a phenomenal way to explore our offerings. With our Tea Select tea subscription, you will receive some of our best, freshest and most popular teas over the course of six months. Each month, we will ship you two two-ounce packages of tea. We select each month’s teas based on seasonality and freshness, as well as popularity and value.

Each Tea Select plan includes 12 teas in total, with free shipping and a savings of about 20% off the usual retail price.

Ready for your passport to American Tea Room’s teas? Pick your favorite Tea Select plan from these offerings:
Choose your favorite Tea Select Plan
Seasonal Select - $150.00
Get into the moment with six months of seasonal teas, such as First Flush Darjeeling, festive holiday blends and spring-plucked green teas.

Green Select - $150.00
Delve into the world of green teas, both blended and pure such as Jasmine, Sencha and Long Jing, with six months of fresh green teas.

Chill out a dozen different ways with 12 delicious caffeine-free herbs and blends over the course of six months.

Black Select - $150.00
Toasted Fig... Organic Golden Yunnan... Kensington... See why black is always in style with 12 of our best-selling flavored and pure black teas.

White Select - $250.00
Expand your tea palate with the ethereal and delicate flavors of white teas, like our Silver Needles, American Beauty and Ambrosia.

Artisan Select - $300.00
Explore our rarest and most coveted teas with Artisan Select. Many of these artisan teas are American Tea Room exclusives that are only available seasonally.