$ 12.00

Temperature: 190
Infusion Time: 4 - 5 mins
Caffeine Level: Medium
Origin: Blend


In need of a fifteen-minute tropical escape? Try So Coconut -- our organic blend of Chinese black teas and real coconut slivers. The dry leaves are incredibly fragrant, and the burnt umber brew proffers aromas of both seductive coconut and earthy, bold black tea. So Coconut's flavor balances base notes of deep, chocolaty black tea with abundant top notes of coconut. In the finish, sweet coconut lingers on the palate, transporting you to warmer climes. In short, So Coconut's satiating, rich, tropical taste is our version of a vacation in a teacup. For an added indulgence, pair So Coconut with vanilla sweets of any kind, milk or dark chocolate, or fresh tropical fruits (especially pineapple or mango). It's fantastic hot, iced or prepared as an iced, blended tea latte or tea mocktail.

This tea is certified USDA Organic.

Your tea is hand packed in a resealable pouch at no additional charge. For an additional $5 you can select our new Black Triangle Signature Canister.
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