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$ 165.00

Temperature: 165
Caffeine Level: High
Origin: Japan


Our Artisan Matcha is usually reserved for the Japanese Emperor himself. We are the only company to offer it in the U.S. Like Grand Cru champagne, our Artisan Matcha is crafted to yield an astoundingly smooth, balanced flavor. It is produced on a small family farm that has honed its matcha growing and processing techniques over the last 400 years, and it is made entirely from shade-grown gyokuro leaves. The experience of our Artisan Matcha begins with the matcha itself. Its texture is super-fine and almost fluffy, and its color is a clear, bright, intense emerald tone. The powder's aroma is rich with notes of chlorophyll (much like cut sweet grasses) and tinged with a light mineral scent. When whisked, Artisan Matcha forms huge amounts of thick, lasting, golden-green froth that lasts even after the underlying brilliant jade liquor has been drunk. Its aroma is one of pure cut spring grass vitality, like an awakening from dormancy. A brothy mouthfeel is accented by an almost electric sensation as the tongue picks up bursts of taste from all the flavor families. Overall, the profile is extraordinarily smooth. Notes of lobster bisque, sweet peas and sweet cream are soft and silky on the palate. Afterward, a smooth mouth coating lasts for over 15 minutes, providing lasting flashes of Artisan Matcha's deliciously complex flavor. Artisan Matcha's effect on the body and mind must be felt to be understood.

Our matcha comes packaged in a 30 gram tin, and makes 20-30  cups.

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