Kabusecha Plum Green Tea

Kabusecha Plum Green Tea
Kabusecha Plum Green Tea
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Temperature: 175F
Infusion Time: 1 Minute
Caffeine Level: Light
Origin: Japan
Kabusecha is a rare, shade-grown Japanese green tea that is typically reserved for special occasions and visitors in Japan. For Kabusecha Plum, we have combined the sweet, oceanic taste of this rare tea with sweet plum. The result is a thoroughly enjoyable blend studded with tiny, tightly closed blossoms that resemble elaborate, miniature origami. Although this blend may sound unconventional, it was created in the tradition of Japanese savory-sweet flavor combinations. Uji-grown green tea’s classic umami notes pair effortlessly with sweet plumy depths. The slightly cloudy, yellow-green infusion has a smooth, sweet and lightly sour flavor with a whisper of floral tones and hints of soft vanilla and fruit. The aftertaste is delicately astringent, yet floral and sweet.