Green Tea

Green tea from China is the mother of all teas. This was how tea was first cultivated and continues to be the most popular way to drink tea in China. To prevent fermentation Chinese green teas are wok roasted – giving them a subtle woodsy flavor for which Chinese green teas are known. From early spring buds such as Ancient Snow Sprout to the famed Long Jing (or Dragon’s Well) tea grown on the slopes of the Tieh Mu Mountains our array of Chinese Green teas are sure to delight you.

Japanese Green teas are prized for their fresh oceanic notes and their pure green vitality. To prevent fermentation Japanese green teas are flash steamed preserving their natural fresh state. Gyokuro tea is shade grown to insure a sweet delicate brew. Our Matcha is a ground variety of extremely fine gyokuro used to create the sweetest taste without the bitterness.

Sencha is the delicate small leaf tea that is most famously exported from Japan.

Japanese teas have some of the highest levels of catechins the prize antioxidant that is believe to help make the residents of Japan the longest living people on earth.