Honyama Sencha Green Tea

Honyama Sencha Green Tea
Honyama Sencha Green Tea
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Temperature: 175F
Infusion Time: 1 Minute
Caffeine Level: Light
Origin: Japan
SPRING 2013 HARVEST -- This mountain-grown Japanese green tea is a fantastical interplay of subtle flavors and aromas that’s sure to delight any foodie. The forest-green leaves give off ripe scents of mango, orchid and magnolia. The electric chartreuse brew has a bouquet of steamed asparagus with a drop of lemon juice and rich umami flavors of roasted artichoke and young extra virgin olive oil. A light mouthfeel is contrasted by an unexpected sweetness of grilled-in-the-husk, heavily buttered yellow corn. A delicate finish of clove astringency and sakura blossoms multiplies the depth and complexity of this enchanting brew. The pairing capabilities are endless, and are one of the many factors that place Honyama Sencha amongst our best sellers.