Genmaimatcha Green Tea

Genmaimatcha Green Tea
Genmaimatcha Green Tea
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Temperature: 170F
Infusion Time: 1 Minute
Caffeine Level: High
Origin: Japan
Whereas Genmaicha is a low-caffeine alternative to other Japanese greens, Genmaimatcha cranks up the caffeine (and the antioxidants and flavor) with the addition of one of our favorite teas: Matcha. The jade-green, matcha-covered leaves in Genmaimatcha have a sweet, grainy aroma with an intense green freshness. They brew into a rich, deep, nearly opaque chartreuse green liquor with a sweet, toasty flavors of roasted almonds and grains, an oceanic whiff of fatty salmon and a pure, strong grassy, vegetal note. What follows is a tingly aftertaste in which toasty rice notes outlast any fading astringency. The overall effect is assertively bittersweet, cementing this tea’s spot as a favorite wake-up tea. Pair with breakfast, brunch or grilled fish.