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Fukamushi Shizuoka Shincha Green Tea

Fukamushi Shizuoka Shincha Green Tea

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Tea Guide
Temperature: 170°F
Infusion Time: 2 Minutes
Caffeine Level: Light
Origin: Japan

Fukamushi Shincha is an extremely limited-quantity 2014 spring harvest tea from Shizuoka, Japan. The glistening jade leaves of this rare tea handpicked, deep-steamed, broken and then steamed again and then air-shipped to us only once each year. However, what makes Fukamushi Shincha truly great (and one of our staff favorites) is its aroma and flavor. The spear-like leaves of Fukamushi Sencha herald foresty pine aromas that are shot through with a bright hint of citrus. The envy-green brew is a juxtaposition of thick, bold iodine minerality and marine notes with a gentle, underlying, buttery sweetness. The robust, orange-pith astringency fades with notes of roasted nuts and coriander and deep, persistent, green flavors of sweet grasses in the aftertaste. Brew with care; as if possessed by a fickle deity, this tea will reward proper brewing with sublime flavors and punish careless over-steepers with an unappealingly bitter brew. SPRING 2014 HARVEST.

Your tea is hand packed in a resealable pouch at no additional charge. For an additional $5.00 you can have your tea packed in a labeled black or white double sealed tea canister.

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