Arya Pearl First Flush Organic White Darjeeling Tea 2014

Arya Pearl First Flush Organic White Darjeeling Tea 2014
Arya Pearl First Flush Organic White Darjeeling Tea 2014
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Temperature: 185
Infusion Time: 3 Minutes
Caffeine Level: Medium
Origin: India
White teas from Darjeeling are relatively rare in any given year. This year Arya Pearl First Flush Organic White Darjeeling is the first to have arrived for sale in the U.S. and we think it’s the best white tea of the region’s limited crop for 2014. We are the only purveyor in the United States to offer this rare extraordinary first flush tea - but our allotment is very limited. Plucked by Hand in March 2014.

Arya Pearl’s dry leaves are needle-like in shape and vibrant sage in color. Their aroma is profoundly fresh and savory-sweet; it features abundant and exotic notes of white pepper, sakura, yuzu, juniper, toasted hazelnuts and sharp parmesan cheese. Its savory-sweet balance continues through the hazy infusion, which bears delicate, sweet flavors of cherry blossoms, baked vanilla pastries, green cardamom and freshly grated nutmeg, as well as savory notes of alfalfa hay and fresh clover. In contrast to its light flavor, the mouthfeel is surprisingly heavy... viscous, even. Hints of daffodil, milk chocolate and toasted almonds emerge in the finish. The second infusion is milder, sweeter and more floral, and nutmeg replaces clover as the dominant flavor note.

A rarity like Organic Arya Pearl is best enjoyed on its own. However, if you want to pair it with food, try it with something understated, like sourdough bread brushed with extra virgin olive oil or just-ripe d’Anjou pears.